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Interview with Danny King of Accredible and David Blake of Degreed

On today’s podcast, we’re joined by the founders of two different companies: Degreed and Accredible, each of which are dedicated to helping students – including MOOC students –signal their learning through the use of portfolio systems that take different approaches to how students can communicate their traditional and non-traditional educational accomplishments to the world. If […]

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MOOCs and the Law

If MOOCs are so great, how come no one has been sued over them yet? This sentiment is meant mostly in jest.  I say “mostly” because creators of other great innovations and new industries in the past have only been seen to have “made it” when someone finds them worth dragging into court. While the […]

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Have MOOC Challenges Already Been Solved?

Those in the MOOC business face a number of seemingly daunting challenges. What is the business model that can turn millions of subscribers into a profitable (or at least sustainable) business?  How can the intimacy normally associated with learning be replicated in classrooms containing tens of thousands of students?  Is there a solution to fundamental […]

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I kind of breezily mentioned, the new partnership between edX and Google, in a recent posting without addressing the significance of the coming together of the open-source course management system of one of the world’s premiere MOOC providers with, well… Google. Google has made forays into the educational s space over the years, notably by packaging […]

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MOOCs and the Future – No Going Back

Simultaneous with a new semester starting in brick-and-mortar College-land we’re seeing new MOOC courses begin, coupled with a post-summer reboot of debates from earlier in the year regarding the plusses and minuses of massive online learning. Given that MOOCs still seem to be stuck between the Peak of Inflated Expectations and the Trough of Disillusionment […]

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Hunting Big Game

I ended yesterday’s piece with two options for making a million dollars, drawn from the wisdom of a 1963 cartoon based on the 1919 Snuffy Smith comic strip.  This advice includes: Find someone with two-million dollars and ask him for half; and Enter and win a contest with a million dollar prize And just as […]

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MOOC Business Models

Decades ago, I saw a cartoon based on the old Barney Google/Snuffy Smith cartoon strip.  In it, Barney (a city slicker living amidst hillbillies such as Snuffy and his wife Loweezy) excitedly plans a get-rich-quick scheme inspired by a book he had discovered entitled Two Ways to Make a Million Dollars or a Million Ways […]

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