One Year BA


I spent last year immersed in an unusual educational experiment.

Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCs) were in the news daily, and in order to really put these emerging free educational tools to the test, I dedicated all of 2013 to seeing if it was possible to learn the equivalent of what a student would get from being enrolled in a four-year liberal arts degree program in just twelve months using only MOOCs and other forms of free learning. A book I’ve written on the topic will be published by MIT Press in the Fall of 2014.

You can judge for yourself the success of my Degree of Freedom program by clicking on the image below that will bring you to a portfolio of work I completed last year, which includes a review of each course I took. You can also read arguments I made both against and for whether my One Year BA was equivalent to a four year residential one, as well as check out other blog entries written during the course of this project on various subjects related to massive online education.

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