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MOOCs and Peer Grading – Part 2

While most professors participating in the MOOC experiment still come from US universities, the student body is global. This international reach is one of the most celebrated virtues of free online learning, providing opportunities for students in nearly every nation to participate and interact in flat, global classrooms.  But this global audience also presents challenges […]

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MOOCs and Peer Grading – Part 1

During a recent series on MOOCs and testing, the only subject I didn’t get to was peer-grading, the mechanism some massive classes are using to allow students to submit assignments that cannot be machine scored (such as written papers or other “artifacts” whose grading still requires the subtlety of the human  mind). We’ll put aside […]

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Doin’ MOOC Time – Assignments

In addition to the time needed to attend class, college also consists of the wide variety of assignments (including reading, homework and assessments) that are implemented in different ways within a MOOC environment. One of the ways I find online learning to be superior to traditional brick-and-mortar is that there is less of a tendency […]

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