Philosophy Catch Up

It’s been a while since I posted anything dealing with that philosophy major I completed as part of my One Year BA project last year.  Fortunately, others working the field of popularizing the father of all disciplines have not been so idle.

For example, the guys behind my favorite philosophical-discussion podcast, The Partially Examined Life, recently celebrated their 100th episode with a live performance in Middleton, Wisconsin where Mark, Wes, Seth and Dylan (with one of their favorite guests, the Philosophy Bro) spent two hours discoursing on Plato’s celebrated Symposium.  That conversation is available in both audio and video formats, and if listening to them puts you in the mood, I recommend you also check out the episode that preceded Symposium in which the guys reflect on five years of bringing the doing of philosophy to the public.

Meanwhile, when I last left Peter Adamson’s pathologically ambitious History of Philosophy – Without Any Gaps project, he had just segued from Medieval philosophy (up through Boethius) to the philosophy of the Islamic world.  And with 75 episodes on that subject now available, it’s clear that Adamson still means business when it comes to covering the entire canon – and then some – before his project is done.  (Might Confucius – and the rest of the Asian tradition – make an appearance before we get to Descartes?)

Getting back to the Western tradition, reader Roslyn Willson sent me the superfantastic infographic below (also available here) that I promised to share far and wide.

Happy pondering.


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