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Re-inventing Civic Education – 3

Answers to problems regarding education will come about through argumentation and deliberation, two critical-thinking skills that also happen to represent prized civic virtues.

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Reinventing Civic Education – 2

Civics education is a perfect example of a problem requiring a critical-thinking approach used to analyze complex issues.

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Rethinking Civic Education – 1

Atteneeds at the Civic Learning Impact and Measurement Convening face a daunting challenges: restoring while reinventing civic education in America.

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A Quick Announcement

For anyone who misses the regular blogging that took place here at Degree of Freedom until I went on hiatus a couple of years back, I’ve just kicked off a new blogging project called Critical Thinking Out Loud over at a new site I built to consolidate some of the “properties” associated with different education-related […]

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Some Critical Voter Updates

I’ve added a few more pieces on Critical Thinking and the US election to the Critical Voter site. Stop by if you’re interested in finding answers to the following questions: Who predicted Donald Trump’s Iowa loss 2500 years ago? Does it make sense to settle an important election with a coin toss? How seriously should […]

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The New Hampshire Primary

As mentioned last time, I’ll be cross-posting election/critical thinking related stories from Critical Voter here at Degree of Freedom, and going the other way with education-related stories posted here.  So read on regarding an upcoming delivery project to the candidates. Two boxes of pre-release print copies of Critical Voter arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so […]

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MOOCs: More than the Sum of their Parts

I finally got to star in my own MOOC! Well, a mini-MOOC anyway.  Or a SPOC.  Or whatever you want to call what we previously called “online learning” before the MOOC phenom created a new set of categories with associated acronyms. My course is actually an internal one for HarvardX that attempts to make the […]

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MOOC Differentiation

For those of you longing for the days when this blog was dedicated primarily to MOOCs, I just published a longish piece on how the “Big Three” MOOC providers (Udacity, Coursera and edX) are differentiating themselves in a market no longer defined as a potential replacement for traditional higher education. Enjoy and I hope to […]

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Campus Technology 2014 Conference

If any Degree of Freedom readers plan to attend next week’s Campus Technology 2014 conference in Boston, I’ll be speaking at 9:40 on Tuesday morning. Here is the rest of the lineup and drop me a note if you’d like to connect during that event (I’ll definitely be at the conference during the day on Tuesday […]

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Graduation – Part 1

Well my senior thesis has been turned in and my last class passed, so it’s time to take a break from this week’s break to talk about what the whole Degree of Freedom One Year BA might add up to.  I start today with part of one a two-part podcast (the second half to appear […]

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