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Doing MOOCs Right

Some of the observations I’ve made over the last few weeks with regard to many free classes I’ve been taking being easier to complete than equivalent classes I remember from college needs to be tempered by a couple of critical points. First, not all open classes are equivalent in terms of their mission or required […]

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Doin’ MOOC Time – Staying on Schedule

If the takeaways from this week’s look at time-related issues regarding MOOCs and other independent learning resources are: (1)    On average, most MOOC and similar independent courses have a lighter workload than their brick-and-mortar equivalents; but (2)    Independent learners have a higher level of responsibility to keep themselves on track than they would in a […]

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Doin’ MOOC Time – Learning from Mistakes

It dawned on me while taking the quiz associated with one of the latest lessons in Udacity’s Statistics class that I didn’t have the foggiest idea of what I was doing. This concern actually began last week when I got through a similar quiz by plugging as many numbers into as many equations as I […]

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Doin’ MOOC Time – Assignments

In addition to the time needed to attend class, college also consists of the wide variety of assignments (including reading, homework and assessments) that are implemented in different ways within a MOOC environment. One of the ways I find online learning to be superior to traditional brick-and-mortar is that there is less of a tendency […]

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Doin’ MOOC Time – Close Listening

A couple of observations which, while not scientific, are informed by enough of the experiences I’ve been having as part of this Degree of Freedom Project to serve as the starting point for conversation about “class time” required to successfully complete a MOOC (or comparable free learning course): So far, the hours of lecture associated […]

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MOOCs and Time – Synchronous vs. Asynchronous Learning

I’ve been thinking a lot about time over the last several weeks (and not just because my kids have been yammering on since January about the new Dr. Who episodes that started last Saturday). For time is one of those key elements to learning that needs special attention in this age of new, technology-driven supplements […]

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