Welcome to Leiter Reports Readers

Well that sudden spike in traffic combined with a flood of interesting comments and contact notes related to a philosophy piece can mean only one thing: a mention in Leiter Reports, the heavily read and always interesting blog of Brian Leiter, Director at the Center of Law, Philosophy and Human Values at the University of Chicago.

The Leiter Report is one of my two regular stops for an online philosophy fix (the other being the New York Times Stone column, where you can hear an interview I did with the editor for an earlier project here).

Along with a fair amount of “inside the beltway” info regarding what’s going on within academia, Leiter Reports also includes fascinating discussions on the teaching of philosophy, including one of the most interesting exchanges I’ve read yet on the ethics of MOOC-making.

So stop by his site and click on your Favorites button.  And if I can tear myself away from it long enough, I may just be able to get this week’s newsletter out the door.

(That said, an unusually busy day– which will end with a visit to an open house at Harvard’s Berkman Center in case any Berkmanites are reading this – means the first newsletter/course review for September – a look at Coursera’s recently completed English Common Law class – might not reach mailboxes until later tonight or tomorrow morning.)

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