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Interview with Lindsay Murphy from the Saylor Foundation

Today we are joined by Lindsay Murphy, Education Project Manager for the Saylor Foundation – a non-profit provider of free online college courses. Saylor provides curated courses, meaning they are built using public domain and open access content drawn from the web and other public sources.  You can read a review of an advanced philosophy […]

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Self Study

I’m faced with a bit of a gap as junior year classes wrap up and senior year ones start, so no newsletter this week. While next week’s issue will feature a review of Coursera’s just-completed Mathematical Philosophy course, I’d like to take a brief look today at my experience trying to self-curate a course – […]

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Self Curation

Last month, I talked about an Existentialism class offered by Saylor.org that is built from free material (iTunes U lectures, public domain readings, etc.) organized by a guiding hand into a course that can be described as curated, rather than produced and packaged like your standard MOOC. And because of the dearth of new MOOC […]

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Curated Learning

I’ve gotten to the halfway point in an Existentialism course I’m taking from Saylor.org.  And while I still need to get to the end before writing a formal review, it’s worth taking a few moments now to comment on a course that’s not simply a recording (a la iTunes U) or repackaging (a la most […]

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My Junior Year Lineup

The choice of courses for junior year of the Degree of Freedom One Year BA project (which will run from July through September) is being driven by the need to focus on my major (which means finding and taking more advanced philosophy courses).  And since these are harder to come by in the MOOCiverse (at […]

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