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Curated Learning

I’ve gotten to the halfway point in an Existentialism course I’m taking from  And while I still need to get to the end before writing a formal review, it’s worth taking a few moments now to comment on a course that’s not simply a recording (a la iTunes U) or repackaging (a la most […]

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What Might a MOOC-Text Look Like?

Reading material associated with a K-12 or college level course can be organized into two broad categories: First you’ve got novels, short stories, poems, non-fiction books and essays that primarily consist of just words (maybe with the occasional image or diagram) on the printed page. Then you’ve got K-12 or college textbooks which curate a […]

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MOOCs and Reading

Since I ended yesterday’s piece on MOOCs and textbooks on the subject of value, I’d like to look at what the general reading experience has been like for the MOOC classes I’ve taken so far to see what value texts in general bring to this flavor of education. As of now, I’ve finished ten courses started since […]

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The MOOC and the Textbook

With Coursera’s recent announcement that it would be offering free e-books that could be used during the run time of some of its courses, the subject of textbooks comes to the fore. In the interest of full disclosure, I need to admit that I briefly worked at one of the big textbook publishers (albeit overseeing […]

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MOOC Components – Reading

On average, the reading requirements for my course-load are significantly less than what I remember from my original college experience.  But, on average, the statistician sitting on a block of ice and lighting hair on fire will be at just the right temperature. This observation may be behind the mixed feelings I’ve developed with regard […]

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