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Hacking Homework

“Hacking” is a verb that’s attached itself to all kinds of nouns these days, generating phrases meant to imply working around standard operating procedures in order to achieve an end result as good or better (and often more quickly) than what you’d get by following the rules. The concept obviously originates in the computer programming […]

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MOOC Homework – Tech Talk

The folks at Coursera have graciously allowed me to say a few words at their blog on the subject of succeeding on homework, quizzes and other assignments associated with MOOC courses. The focal message of that posting is to do what it takes to get the most out of MOOC assignments: pace yourself for maximum […]

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MOOC Components – Assessment

Assessment is such an important topic with regard to MOOCs and other new learning models that I plan to devote a week to the subject in April.  But for now, I’d like to provide an argument why testing is both the greatest vulnerability for moving MOOCs forward, as well as the ripest area for innovation […]

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MOOC Components – Homework

Homework is one aspect of free learning programs that will need to get more attention if MOOCs and similar resources are ever to provide an adequate supplement or alternatives to traditional classroom experiences with regard to ensuring the successful achieving of learning outcomes. Having worked in educational publishing for several years, I’ve seen how automated […]

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