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MOOCs in 2015

Now that we’re a good three years past “The Year of the MOOC,” I decided to see how far we’ve come since the New York Times named 2012 after the massive open online course by looking at what it would take to put together a new One Year BA curriculum using free-learning resources available two […]

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Site Update Update/Welcome edX Blog Readers

Well that site update you’ve seen unfolding over the last couple of weeks is almost complete and apologies for any downtime or other glitches you may have encountered during that period. The last remaining issue seems to have to do with comments not being accepted, which I hope to have resolved by the end of […]

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Executive Shuffles at Coursera and edX

The big MOOC news this week involved the leadership changes taking place at the two biggest MOOC providers: Coursera and edX. As most readers probably already know, Coursera just announced that Richard Levin, former President of Yale, will be taking on the CEO role of the Silicon Valley based MOOC provider.  This means new roles […]

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MOOC Platforms

I recently received a note from American Online congratulating me for having been a user of their mail service for twenty years. Unsurprisingly, my kids greeted the news with a sneer followed by an eye roll.  For they, after all, are far more hip than either I or their mom (another AOL user) having revolted […]

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Interview with Tim Mauri of Ethicon

Today we are joined by Tim Mauri, Marketing Manager for US Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery at Ethicon, Inc., a Johnson and Johnson company. Tim is one of the people behind Ethicon’s experiment in online learning that involves releasing a course for medical specialists using the edX platform.  And on today’s show, we talk about the course, […]

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Making Money Off MOOCs

Having talked about how a sales approach (or at least sales metaphors) might help us improve MOOC effectiveness, it’s probably appropriate to talk about how a sales attitude might answer another nagging question surrounding massive online classes: how to make money off of them. I’d like to kick off such a discussion with a confession.  […]

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MITX and HarvardX Research Findings – The “Typical” Student

Time to blend some of the data dweebiness you’ve been reading in the first two installments in this series with some of the philosophy dweebiness that can be blamed directly on my One Year BA. In this case, the fusion between these two worlds derived from having been reminded of the relevance of a particular […]

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MITX and HarvardX Research Findings – CopyrightX

If I had been less of a wuss and chosen to drive through the snow to last Tuesday’s presentation of research findings from HarvardX, and had I made it and been fortunate enough to get to ask a question, the one I would have raised would have been about the results of one specific course […]

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MITx and HarvardX Research Findings – 1

While nature was dumping mounds of snow on the region (albeit less than promised), Harvard and MIT decided to release a comparable amount of data to the public that provides some important insight that can inform the next round of discussions surrounding MOOCs, discussions that promise to go beyond the inflated expectations that began 2013 […]

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I kind of breezily mentioned MOOC.org, the new partnership between edX and Google, in a recent posting without addressing the significance of the coming together of the open-source course management system of one of the world’s premiere MOOC providers with, well… Google. Google has made forays into the educational s space over the years, notably by packaging […]

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