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MOOCs in 2015

Now that we’re a good three years past “The Year of the MOOC,” I decided to see how far we’ve come since the New York Times named 2012 after the massive open online course by looking at what it would take to put together a new One Year BA curriculum using free-learning resources available two […]

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MOOCs on a Plane- Coursera and JetBlue

Recently, the popular and edgy (for an airline anyway) JetBlue Air announced a partnership with Coursera that will make ten Coursera MOOCs part of a set of new inflight “Edutainment” options (alongside other content from organizations like National Geographic). Interestingly, only one of the courses on offer (an Introduction to Marketing MOOC from the Wharton […]

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Executive Shuffles at Coursera and edX

The big MOOC news this week involved the leadership changes taking place at the two biggest MOOC providers: Coursera and edX. As most readers probably already know, Coursera just announced that Richard Levin, former President of Yale, will be taking on the CEO role of the Silicon Valley based MOOC provider.  This means new roles […]

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MOOC Platforms

I recently received a note from American Online congratulating me for having been a user of their mail service for twenty years. Unsurprisingly, my kids greeted the news with a sneer followed by an eye roll.  For they, after all, are far more hip than either I or their mom (another AOL user) having revolted […]

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Making Money Off MOOCs

Having talked about how a sales approach (or at least sales metaphors) might help us improve MOOC effectiveness, it’s probably appropriate to talk about how a sales attitude might answer another nagging question surrounding massive online classes: how to make money off of them. I’d like to kick off such a discussion with a confession.  […]

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Coursera Specializations

Just before my visit to the company last week, Coursera announced a new program called Coursera Specializations that will allow students to use success on specific sets of individual courses to earn a special certificate designed to communicate mastery of a body of knowledge in areas such as education, technology and reasoning/analysis. Each specialization is […]

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My Visit to Coursera

I’m on a West Coast swing this week that will finish with a talk at Fullerton College for their 100th Anniversary Futures Conference (seats are still available for anyone in the area). The trip got off to the right start with a cup of coffee with one of the founders of Accredible (the folks behind […]

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MOOC Testing – Distractors

A friend recently gave a presentation at a local Ted event, and while his was my first interface with the whole bean-bag-chair, Google-Glass, clearly-of-West-Coast-origin Ted experience, it did remind me that I still needed to watch this Ted presentation by Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera.  She gave the talk in 2012, back when MOOC-mania was […]

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Coursera Learning Hubs

We interrupt this week’s Obviousity Experiment to talk about today’s announcement by Coursera of their new Global Learning Hub program. As they describe in this press release, these new Learning Hubs “will offer people around the world physical spaces where they can access the Internet to take a Coursera course, while learning alongside peers in […]

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In the News/Playing Ketsup

A trip to the White Mountains combined with an unruly WordPress login screen prevented me from posting yesterday, so special apologies for new visitors who caught wind of this Degree of Freedom project from its recent mention in the Wall Street Journal. Having greeted new visitors from other media sources over the last several months, […]

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