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Culture of Integrity – 2

Other research results we learned about in that online cheating MOOC mentioned in the first part of this discussion include: Cheating levels tend to go down as the risk and level of punishment associated with getting caught go up If cheating requires more work than simply doing the assignment honestly, people will not go down […]

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Cheating on MOOCs

This is the first blog post I’ve done as a homework assignment.  For the teacher in my new Canvas class in Understanding Cheating in Online Courses (Bernard Bull, Assistant Vice President of Academics and Associate Professor of Educational Design & Technology at Concordia), has asked those of us who blog to write something about their […]

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The MOOC Credit Paradox

This might need to be a short posting, given that I’m in the midst of that multi-tasking that I recommend students never do while working on something important.  But as I write this, one of the two suspects in last Monday’s Marathon bombing is at large, and last seen a couple of towns over tossing […]

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