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When is a MOOC Not a MOOC?

Coincidentally, the last three courses I reviewed in the weekly Degree of Freedom News (to which you can subscribe by punching in your e-mail over there to the right) all elicited similar commentary regarding whether a course felt like a college class vs. something else. Canvas.net’s Cheating in Online Courses, for example, seemed more like […]

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Canvas and Udemy

When I did my initial lineup of course providers earlier this year, I only included ones I was familiar with from having enrolled in classes on their platforms (including the big MOOC names of Coursera, edX and Udacity).  But now that I’m enrolled in classes on two additional platforms (Canvas.net and Udemy), it’s time to […]

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Sources for More Courses

Before leaving the topic of sources for free learning, I wanted to highlight some other options you can look into if you’re trying to put together your own college education (or are just interested in exploring more ways to educate yourself a no cost). Canvas.net is another organization offering access to free classes on a […]

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