Speaking Gigs

Happy MLK Day to all those taking the day off (which includes me – except for this posting).

Just a quick note to any Degree of Freedom readers/listeners interested in getting together letting you know that I’ll be getting out of the house  for a couple of speaking gigs that have come my way since “graduation.”

First, anyone in the vicinity of Fullerton College in Southern California interested in attending that school’s Centennial Futures Conference (where I’ll be speaking on January 31st – a week from this coming Friday) should send me a note since I’ve got a handful of complimentary passes I can make available to folks interested in stopping by.

Second, there are a couple of MIT-related events percolating which I’ll let you know about once I’ve more details.

Finally, some friends who know more about communications than I do have encouraged me to do as much speaking as possible if I wanted to get word out about what this whole project might mean to the worlds of MOOCs, free learning and online education.  So if anyone else is looking for someone to address an audience on these topics, feel free to drop me a line.

And enjoy the holiday.

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