Reading Assignment

Apologies for the site being so up and down so much this week. This actually has nothing to do with the site update that’s underway (which I hope to have completed by the end of the weekend). Rather, a pair of unrelated server issues caused outages that stretched over a couple of highly frustrating days.

Solving those problems became a bit of a time sink, so some thoughts I had planned to publish on MOOCs as a solution searching for the right problem to solve will have to wait until next week.

But to prep readers for what’s coming, here are few stories worth reading which will set the stage for the type of explorations underway in which MOOCs are being considered as part, albeit not all, of an answer to key challenges in global education:

Will a Degree Made up of MOOCs Ever be Worth the Paper it’s Printed On?

MOOCs and the End of Courses

MOOCs Won’t Replace Business Schools – They’ll Diversify Them

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