In the News/Playing Ketsup

A trip to the White Mountains combined with an unruly WordPress login screen prevented me from posting yesterday, so special apologies for new visitors who caught wind of this Degree of Freedom project from its recent mention in the Wall Street Journal.

Having greeted new visitors from other media sources over the last several months, it seemed to make sense to consolidate mentions and interviews on a single page so that people trying to figure out what this project is all about don’t have to start from zero.  So let me know what you think of this new media page I just put together.  I’ll be adding to it over the course of the week (and would be happy to supplement it further if anyone’s interested in an interview, something I’m really coming to enjoy).

And speaking of enjoyment, the gracious folks at Coursera have allowed me to post a new Vlog entry (although warning in advance that my original desire to inspire people with the wonders of MOOC-delivered learning got supplemented by the need to impress my YouTube crazed offspring).



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