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For those of you who still need a “fix” with regard to debating the cost of college, I just restarted my Huffington Post column and plan to focus on the subject over the next few months.  While I’ll be drawing from some of the research I did last year, this Huffpo series will provide a more streamlined guide to “Why College Costs So Freaking Much.”  Anyone interested in some of the practical advice that appeared in the Degree of Freedom newsletter (that might not all make it into Huffpo) can contact me directly if you missed anything.

And moving from anything to anyone, anyone in the Boston area (or who plans to be in the Boston area) on March 3rd is invited to an event at Harvard where I’ll be talking MOOCs with people from the university, as well as signing copies of MOOCS: The Essential Guide (assuming MIT Press hasn’t sold out by then – I can only hope).  More details to follow.

And while on the subject of MOOCS: The Essential Guide, I just discovered that the book is going to be translated into Chinese and Korean!  Those are the language I know about (more might be in the works), but at least one translation project came via someone reaching out via this site’s contact form, so drop me a note if you think this discussion needs to be continuing in more and more languages.

Zài jiàn! (Hope I got that right.)

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