Ivory Tower – Revisiting the Cost of College Debate

Now that CNN is broadcasting the documentary Ivory Tower (a film I saw in the cinema and reviewed last summer), I wanted to revisit the cost-of-college series I wrote earlier this year so that anyone interested in the questions Ivory Tower raises will have some alternative theories to chew over.

Fortunately, I recently discovered a WordPress plug-in that allows me to organize posts as a series, saving readers the trouble of having to scroll backwards in the reverser-chronological ordering that typically defines the blogging format.

Using that tool, I have created the following two series:

The Cost of College

Book and film reviews on why college costs what it does

Readers can also subscribe to the newsletter by typing their e-mail address into that box to the right.  In fact, a newsletter is queued for launch in a couple of hours that provides some first-hand analysis of how the financial aid process works (or doesn’t work).  This is actually part of a series of newsletters that ran in parallel with the blog series on paying for college.  If you’re a latecomer to the newsletter, drop me a note and I’ll send you links to previous entries.

Returning to the subject of plug-ins, I recently discovered a combination of solutions that seem to have solved an endemic comment spam problem that has plagued this site all year.  So, for now anyway, I’ve turned off the CAPTCHA utility on comments that has given some readers problems.  So feel free to post your thoughts, tell me I’m all wet, or talk about your own experience taking MOOCs, paying for college, or anything else.

Ta ta 4 now!


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