Interview with Archie Abrams from Udemy

First off, greetings to visitors from Slate Magazine, and if you’re trying to orient yourself to a project that’s been going on for just over a year, a good place to start is this first blog entry that talks about what I was trying to with my One Year BA program, and some analysis I did at the end of the project trying to see what it all added up to.  (You can also check out my course lineups and a portfolio of the work that went into my One Year BA over at the top right of this page.)

Today’s entry is part of a series of interviews with students, professors and business people involved with MOOCs and other forms of free learning.  This time, we’re joined by Archie Abrams, Director of Growth at Udemy, an online marketplace that allows anyone to become an online professor.  And given that “free learning” means more than just MOOCs, I’m hoping this will be the first of several interviews with people doing different things to bring online education to the masses.


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