My HarvardX “Embed”


As some of you already know, I’ve recently started a six-month engagement as the inaugural Visiting Fellow at HarvardX.

During that time, I’ll be focusing on how to improve assessment within HarvardX’s growing catalog of online learning experiences (which I’ve already learned should not all be described under the term “courses”). And my mandate (and interest) is definitely in assessment writ large to include all components of a learning pathway that involve letting students put what they are studying to work.

One of the great things about “The MOOC Experiment” is how discoveries and ideas made in one part of the MOOCiverse can be incorporated into not just MOOCs but online learning projects across the board, so I’m thrilled at not just this appointment but the signal it sends that creative assessments and assignments are being considered as the next important frontier in massive online open course development.

The job will also involve enrolling in HarvardX courses again after an eight month post One Year BA MOOC hiatus. So see you in class!

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