Dog Days

Well I’ve got some exciting news to report, as well as some updates on MOOCs, the cost of college, and that continuing analysis on how to afford to send your kids to school in the newsletter.  But all of that is going to have to wait a couple of weeks as we enter the dog days of summer.  (Aint I a stinker?)

Actually, I’m tapping into memories from last year when the second half of August was death for this and almost every other educational blog.  So you can get your fix on MOOC news by listening to that WGBH interview that ran last week.  And for the many people who seem to be signing up for the newsletter, here are the first two installments of that paying-for-college/tuition discounting series that appeared over the last couple of weeks:

What Will Your Kid’s College Really Cost

Strategy 1 – Saving for College

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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