Degree of Freedom Podcast – Now on iTunes

As course number twelve (Mysteries of Modern Physics – Time taught by the California Institute of Technology’s Sean Carroll) wraps, I wanted to catch readers up on a few bits of Degree and Freedom news happening across the Interwebs.

Most importantly, a Degree of Freedom podcast is now available from iTunes.

The first episodes include the interviews that have been appearing on this site on Fridays (with Anant Agarwal of edX, Andrew Ng of Coursera and my two-part talk with Scott Young), packaged with new introduction and closing material (including some clip music generously provided in my Adobe Soundbooth package).

The focus of the podcast will continue to be interviews which I hope to continue releasing both on the site and on iTunes every Friday (give or take) between now and the completion of my Degree of Freedom at the end of the year.

Right now, I’ve got an interview with Dale Stephens in the can ready for release tomorrow, and a bunch of material from a discussion with the team behind edX’s Greek Hero that I’ll be using to kick off discussions with the teachers behind the MOOCs next week.

Like most podcasts (and Web projects), this one doesn’t do anyone much good if they don’t know about it.  So if you like what you hear, please leave a rating or a comment on the cast’s iTunes page as well as spread the word to anyone you think would be interested in hearing from folks who are creating or taking advantage of this brave new world of free learning.

Other than that, some other Degree of Freedom stuff you might be interested in includes:

Review of courses I’ve completed continue to be republished at the wonderful MOOC News and Reviews site, most recently a write up of Coursera’s Property and Liability taught by Professor Richard Adelstein of Wesleyan University.

At Huffington Post, I’ve summarized some material from this site to talk about Independent Learners and Signaling Learning.

Finally, I had a brief appearance in this short news piece that appeared last week on Voice of America.

With writing and learning taking up so much of every day, I’ve not had the chance to reach out and thank everyone who has visited the site, left comments, dropped notes or linked to Degree of Freedom in the few months since I launched in March.  So let me use this moment to extend extreme appreciation throughout the ether to everyone reading these words.

And to those who have kindly asked about the condition of my psyche as I reach the end of my sophomore year, I can assure you that I’m just getting warmed up.

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