Couple of Announcements

Just a few quick announcements today since I’m off to MIT’s Learning International Network’s Consortium conference shortly where I’ll be hearing how educators across the world are responding to the challenges and opportunities presented by MOOCs and other forms of free learning.

This will serve as the backdrop for the theme of the week which will be how MOOCs et al are being implemented within institutions (a new direction for commentary and analysis at this which has largely focused on free learning as an alternative to traditional college education).  And given that I spent last night’s reception in the presence of educators from India, Ireland and Siberia, this week’s discussion will likely have an international flavor that’s long overdue.

Also, because of this week’s schedule (and because I’m finishing up but have not yet finished the last set of courses that will complete my sophomore year), there will be no Degree of Freedom news this week.  But the course reviews at the heart of that newsletter will kick into high gear starting next week as sophomore year finishes up and I finally get off the pot and make some final decisions as to what courses will be selected for the July through September junior year slot.

So ciao for now.

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