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MOOCs and Crowdsourcing

I recently finished reading this nifty little book on the subject of crowdsourcing. The term was first created by Jeff Howe in Wired Magazine who used it to describe a series of projects and strategies that involve lots of people pooling their sense organs, intelligence, wisdom, imagination or unused computer cycles to some type of […]

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Welcome MOOCs Forum

I was recently told that MOOC news will be arriving rapidly and furiously this fall, and I’ll try to keep up with communication and analysis of any major developments during this period. Earlier this week, I talked about the significance of the new edX-Google partnership and yesterday I got to see a copy of […]

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MOOC Research

One of the things I most enjoy about this project is the opportunity it provides to talk to journalists and researchers thinking about and writing about all of the intriguing changes currently underway in higher education and technology-based learning. And one of those researchers contacted me last week to see if Degree of Freedom readers […]

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