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The MOOC Experiment

One of the benefits of this project getting so much traction is that it gives me the opportunity to engage in conversations with people working in the independent learning space on a daily basis. It’s hard to believe it’s been less than two years since Stanford’s AI course got overenrolled by a hundred thousand students, […]

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Cheers and Jeers for MOOCs!

Just about everyone I know sent me a copy of this piece that appeared in the most recent New York Times Sunday Week in Review. The fellow who wrote the piece (A.J. Jacobs, Editor at Large for Esquire Magazine) shares my journalistic passion for reporting from the inside.  (Perhaps he also grew up reading Black […]

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Catching Up

While the first six weeks of this blog were dedicated to subjects that each required a full week of entries to flesh out (an introduction to what this project is about, course components, course providers, time, testing, and credit), it’s now time to switch to a new mode where I’ll be talking about different subjects […]

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Doing MOOCs Right

Some of the observations I’ve made over the last few weeks with regard to many free classes I’ve been taking being easier to complete than equivalent classes I remember from college needs to be tempered by a couple of critical points. First, not all open classes are equivalent in terms of their mission or required […]

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