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The New Hampshire Primary

As mentioned last time, I’ll be cross-posting election/critical thinking related stories from Critical Voter here at Degree of Freedom, and going the other way with education-related stories posted here.  So read on regarding an upcoming delivery project to the candidates. Two boxes of pre-release print copies of Critical Voter arrived on my doorstep yesterday, so […]

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Critical Voter – The Book

  I’ve always preferred blogging about a project as its happening, vs. blogging for blogging sake. Which is why new postings dried up early last year when I had pretty much said my piece on what could be learned from the One Year BA MOOC experience. But a new project looms (or, to be more […]

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Welcome New York Times Readers

For any visitors not linking here from the New York Times site, the Times Education section ran a terrific piece this morning on what it means to be an independent learner in an age of information abundance (or overload). The piece uses my One Year BA project as an example of a structured approach to education […]

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A couple of announcements for friends, fans and followers. First, that book event I mentioned last time taking place tomorrow evening at Harvard’s new Ed Portal is going to be livestreamed at https://new.livestream.com/accounts/8714559/events/3839785.  So if you can’t make it to Alston to listen, talk and maybe pick up a book, tune in to the stream […]

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How Much Can You Learn For Free?

If anyone’s interested in meeting up, or just hearing a talk about MOOCs and my Degree of Freedom One Year BA project, I’ll be giving a talk at Harvard’s new Ed Portal in Allston next Tuesday, March 3rd, at 6:30 PM:   Word has it that food and drink will be served, and there will […]

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MOOCs: More than the Sum of their Parts

I finally got to star in my own MOOC! Well, a mini-MOOC anyway.  Or a SPOC.  Or whatever you want to call what we previously called “online learning” before the MOOC phenom created a new set of categories with associated acronyms. My course is actually an internal one for HarvardX that attempts to make the […]

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Free Community College

Well Snowmageddonpocalypse means a day of lolling, cooking and pondering, including noddling down some thoughts regarding recent discussions about free community college for all. Well, not “all” exactly.  But the proposal from the White House that’s been bandied about (one that was mentioned during the recent State of the Union address) wants to translate the aspirational […]

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New News

For those of you who still need a “fix” with regard to debating the cost of college, I just restarted my Huffington Post column and plan to focus on the subject over the next few months.  While I’ll be drawing from some of the research I did last year, this Huffpo series will provide a […]

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MOOCs in 2015

Now that we’re a good three years past “The Year of the MOOC,” I decided to see how far we’ve come since the New York Times named 2012 after the massive open online course by looking at what it would take to put together a new One Year BA curriculum using free-learning resources available two […]

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MOOCs on a Plane- Coursera and JetBlue

Recently, the popular and edgy (for an airline anyway) JetBlue Air announced a partnership with Coursera that will make ten Coursera MOOCs part of a set of new inflight “Edutainment” options (alongside other content from organizations like National Geographic). Interestingly, only one of the courses on offer (an Introduction to Marketing MOOC from the Wharton […]

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