As readers of the Degree of Freedom weekly newsletter already know, I’m planning to throttle back a little bit in August, partly in response to some scheduling-specific issues related to this project, but also to spend some time with my kids whose summer camp schedule lightens over the next few weeks.

I’ll still be working on all my Junior Year classes and posting to this site (albeit just two or three times per week in August vs. the usual five).  But since the newsletter is built around course reviews, it’s going to go on hiatus until the beginning of September in order to allow me to finish more classes (since I only like to review a course after it’s been completed).

And since many of the guests I’m planning to interview before the end of the year are on vacation this month (as are, I suspect, many listeners who are on academic schedules), the podcast is also going to go on ice for the next few weeks.

But, as I said, I’ll still be studying and posting about all things MOOC between now and the end of the summer.  And everything (including daily posts, the newsletter and podcast) will be back in full force once September rolls around. So stay tuned and enjoy the month.



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