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Well it’s been a week of extracurricular activities here at Degree of Freedom (including a speaking gig that starts in about four hours).

So, rather than the usual posting, I’ve included some pointers to DoF appearances at different sites this week.

First off, if you haven’t checked out MOOC News and Reviews recently, that interview I mentioned earlier in the week is available in both video and transcript format.  And Robert McGuire, Editor at MN&R, should be posting a new course review here sometime in the next day or two.

And speaking of interviews, Laurent Boinot, the Paris-based blogger behind the site The Good MOOC features a piece about this project as part of his “Meet the Students” interview series.

Meanwhile, the kind folks at Coursera have let me post another short instructional video, this one covering the important topic of how to signal your learning.

And I finally got around to posting something new over at Huffington Post that draws from some of last week’s discussions on why there seem to be so few takers for the latest MOOC for degree schemes.

So that’s it for today.  But tune in tomorrow as I tackle a subject I’ve been noodling on for quite some time, i.e., whether the fate of the MOOCiverse should be left in the hands of engineers.

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