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Coursera Learning Hubs

We interrupt this week’s Obviousity Experiment to talk about today’s announcement by Coursera of their new Global Learning Hub program. As they describe in this press release, these new Learning Hubs “will offer people around the world physical spaces where they can access the Internet to take a Coursera course, while learning alongside peers in […]

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Revisiting MOOC Discussion

During an interview last week with the team behind edX’s Greek Hero class (which will air a week from Friday), I had to sheepishly admit that discussion boards were the element of my MOOC classes to which I’ve dedicated the least time. For the people managing those discussions, the chance to see input from hundreds […]

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MOOC Components – Discussion

One of the biggest criticisms leveled against not just MOOCs, but online learning in general is the lack of human connection in courses where students and teachers are primarily interacting with one another via technology. Lecture videos can be stunningly produced, can edit out a professor’s burps and brainfarts, and even integrate footage highlighting examples […]

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