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MOOC Testing – Distractors

A friend recently gave a presentation at a local Ted event, and while his was my first interface with the whole bean-bag-chair, Google-Glass, clearly-of-West-Coast-origin Ted experience, it did remind me that I still needed to watch this Ted presentation by Daphne Koller, co-founder of Coursera.  She gave the talk in 2012, back when MOOC-mania was […]

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MOOCs and Grading – Interpreting Obviousity Results

Getting back to the Obviousity scores we looked at a couple of days ago, the lessons to be drawn even from my simple experiment go beyond just reinforcing the need to follow the professional item-writing principles, like those I recommended a few months back. Yes, MOOC developers should avoid true/false questions and do a better […]

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MOOCs and Grading – Obviousity Results

OK, so I ran my Obviousity Index test on several of the classes I’ve taken (not enough for a comprehensive scientific analysis, but enough to inform this conversation). Remember from yesterday that the Obviousity Index is derived from looking at MOOC courses where the final grade is based entirely on how a student performs in […]

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MOOCs and Grading – The Obviousity Index

As many readers know, my background in professional test design has left me sensitive to MOOC quizzes and exams that sometimes seem thrown together as afterthoughts. This is because in the best designed courses, instruction and assessment (whether in the form of quizzes, final exams, graded papers and homework assignments) work hand in hand to […]

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MOOC Testing – Final Thoughts

So the good news is that massive courses have the technology and the audience needed to generate massive (or “Big”) data, enough data to give course developers the statistics they need to refine and revise testing so that it more capably screens those who know from those who don’t.  And, if combined with some of […]

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Testing – Asking the Right Questions

The huge enrollments in massive open courses requires automation of as many aspects of the teaching process as possible, which is why machine-scored testing will likely be part of the MOOC “package,” even if what the machine can score becomes more sophisticated over the coming months and years. But since the one thing we can […]

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Testing – Best Practices

Most test development begins and ends with the writing of test questions. For instance, a teacher preparing a quiz or exam for his or her students usually starts not from the type of statistically validated test plan described in the previous post (the type of test plan created to drive development of a content-valid standardized […]

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Between Two Worlds – MOOCs and Assessment

Questions regarding what role MOOCs and other free learning resources will play in the wider educational universe may ultimately come down not to how well they teach but how well they can prove what students have learned. And the way learning has traditionally been proven is through graded assignments that I’ll be lumping together under […]

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MOOC Components – Assessment

Assessment is such an important topic with regard to MOOCs and other new learning models that I plan to devote a week to the subject in April.  But for now, I’d like to provide an argument why testing is both the greatest vulnerability for moving MOOCs forward, as well as the ripest area for innovation […]

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