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Interview with Stephen Downes

Today, on a very special Degree of Freedom podcast we are joined by Stephen Downes, Senior Researcher for the National Research Council of Canada and one of the people behind the first thing ever called a MOOC. For further reading: Stephen’s Web – The outlet for Stephen’s prolific writing A backgrounder on Downes that appeared […]

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Stephen Downes

Anyone who has played this side of the street for even a little while will have run into Stephen Downes, one of the earliest participants in something that can (and was) called a MOOC and tireless champion for the vision of connectivist learning that makes up the “c” in “cMOOC” (which contrasts with the xMOOCs […]

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I only learned recently that I’ve not been enrolled in MOOC classes at all, but have instead been involved with something called an xMOOC. At first I was curious why anyone would want to eliminate the only saving grace of the MOOC acronym (its pronounceability), but apparently two variations are meant to distinguish the type […]

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