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Interview with Scott Young – Part 2

Continuing my discussion with Scott Young, the guy behind the MIT Challenge, we start by looking at the motivations behind each of our particular projects, followed by a look at what what free learning signals to employers and the world at large. Note: This interview was recently incorporated into a new Degree of Freedom podcast which […]

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Interview with Scott Young

If three data points make a series, then today’s interview (which follows discussions with the leaders of edX and Coursera) should establish this Friday spot at Degree of Freedom for continuing conversations with important voices in the world of free learning. Today, we’re going to switch from talking with company executives to talking with students, […]

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Independent Learners

One of the missions of this site is to help determine the nature of an independent learner, someone who can conceivably take advantage of MOOCs and other free-learning resources to do more than just take a course now and then. Not that informal continuing education isn’t an important aspect of free learning (in my interview […]

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What are MOOCs For?

Hearing about this Degree of Freedom project, a friend who teaches at a university made the comment that online learning does the most for people who need it the least. I appreciate the sentiment, especially from someone who teaches at ground level where many students struggle to pay attention and keep up with their work, […]

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