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Cost of College – Wrapping Up

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As I mentioned recently, the time has come to start wrapping up a discussion of why college costs so darn much that began on this blog earlier in the year. That analysis actually started when a good friend who was familiar with my One Year BA project mentioned that, while she found that endeavor intriguing, wondered […]

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Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis and the Cost of College

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Over the last two weeks, I talked about two competing theories regarding why the cost of college has risen faster than any other product or service. One theory, summed up in William Bennett’s Is College Worth It?, lays blame for this hyper-inflation on schools themselves which have taken advantage of huge pots of available money […]

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The Bennett Hypothesis

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In a review of Archibald and Feldman’s Why Does College Cost So Much? (and an associated follow up), I alluded to what has become conventional wisdom regarding the high cost of college, a set of factors almost taken for granted in every other book or film on the topic I’ve reviewed this year. While so […]

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