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MOOCs – Is the Sky Falling?

The latest version of the “Glass-Half-Empty” critique of MOOCs focuses on recent pull-backs of attempts to make massive online courses count towards official college credit. As this story highlights, legislation submitted that would require colleges to accept MOOC credentials in California and Florida has been quietly shelved.  And programs designed to eliminate hurdles that were […]

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Reality Check – MOOCs for Credit

The loud debate over what would happen to traditional universities once students were able to receive actual college credit for completing a MOOC seems to presume that: (1)    MOOC classes provided (and could measure) the same amount of learning as their brick-and-mortar equivalents (2)    Presuming (1) was correct, mechanisms could be put in place to […]

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ACEing College

One of things that motivated me to blog about this subject was a recognition that that the conversation about the MOOC phenomenon seemed to be getting ahead of itself, with too much discussion of how MOOCs might replace traditional college informed by too little end-user experience regarding the actual level of learning associated with taking […]

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