Interview with Scott Young – Part 2

Continuing my discussion with Scott Young, the guy behind the MIT Challenge, we start by looking at the motivations behind each of our particular projects, followed by a look at what what free learning signals to employers and the world at large.


Note: This interview was recently incorporated into a new Degree of Freedom podcast which can also be downloaded from iTunes.


One Response to Interview with Scott Young – Part 2

  1. Gavriil Michas May 31, 2013 at 1:03 pm #

    One interview with very interesting insights.

    You have place subjects of educational excellence into the proper tone. You have proven that when we talk for such an important issue as education is, also means that you have the criteria to apply such a delicate critical thinking in order to control the limitations that arise from a picture frame market sponsorship.

    Your experience and your opinion counts double for me.

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